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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Do You Share Your Home with Pets and/or Extended Family?

I don't share my home with extended family and my children live on their own at this stage. However, I do have a fairly fluffy dog, overnight guests often and a mildly messy and oblivious husband. I try to dust and vacuum every other day, but that is more a dream than a reality. This means that I may walk into my kitchen to see puffy clouds of blond dog fur roll across the floor in front of me. I feel I've made some smart decorating decisions based on the color of my dog, Gracie, which helps hide the results of constant shedding. If, however, I ever have a pet who is not a nice neutral beige, I'm in deep trouble!
15 Year Old Gracie
I saw this article in HOUZZ and thought I would share it. This is for anyone sharing their living space with furry and/or hairy creatures!
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